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Body & Sole

Massage Treatment

A combination of reflexology and massage


We offer a distinctive treatment that combines Swedish massage with reflexology, providing a luxurious experience aimed at promoting relaxation and alleviating stress. Swedish massage targets the body's soft tissues, muscles, and fascia to reduce tension, alleviate discomfort, and induce a state of relaxation. In contrast, reflexology concentrates on applying pressure to specific points on the feet

to re-balance energy flow throughout your body.

This luxurious session commences with a 50-minute, full body massage that focuses on the back and shoulders. Then, indulge in a Himalayan mineral salt foot scrub accompanied by a warm wrap for your feet. Following this, enjoy a reflexology service for your feet. To elevate your relaxation experience, we integrate CBD-infused massage oil into the treatment.


The experience continues with a comforting warm neck wrap, culminating in a rejuvenating reflexology session of your feet.

80-minute Body & Sole Massage - $215.00


  • stress relief

  • relaxation

  • pain management

  • digestion

  • improved sleep

This treatment is not suited for guests with the following conditions.

Pregnancy; Severe High Blood Pressure not medically controlled; history of blood clots; Extremely dilated varicose veins; Skin Conditions such as shingles/herpes, eczema, diagnosed rosacea, or psoriasis; Neuropathy; Vascular disease; Fibromyalgia; Osteoporosis.

To secure your appointment, we highly recommend booking in advance and providing a valid credit card.

This guarantees a confirmed reservation and a seamless experience.

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