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Applied Improv

Put the power of Applied Improv to work for your meeting or conference.  

“I'm very interested in improvisation because one of the things I do is to help train scientists to communicate in a better and more personal way when they're making a presentation, and I use improvisation to do that.”  

- Alan Alda


When some hear the term, “applied improvisation”, they often have no idea what this means and how this can be professionally beneficial. They often fear the worst.


They worry that it means their participants and staff will have to tell jokes, will be forced to do silly exercises, or will have to do some form of trust fall.


An Applied Improvisation workshop is none of the above.


What is Applied Improvisation?

Applied Improvisation is a highly effective method of professional development that uses concepts, ideas, and techniques from the world of improvisation and applies them to business, relationships, and life.


It's not joke-telling, silly activities, or a scaled-down equivalent of the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway.”  It is effective, experiential learning that inspires, educates, and entertains.


Applied Improv is NOT the What.  

It’s the HOW. 

It’s important to understand that applied improvisation is not the what, but the how.


It’s how we’ll train incredibly valuable business skills such as communication, active listening, collaboration, innovation, risk-taking, problem-solving, and leadership. It’s how we introduce a culture of growth, build psychological safety, encourage authentic leadership and become more comfortable with chaos and the unknown.  It’s how we’ll learn to be more effective at what we do.  It’s also fun!


How is Applied Improvisation different from other workshops?

Applied Improvisation is engaging experiential and active.  Rather than just hearing about skills and ideas participants get to practice and participate in learning. Research shows that we retain much more of what we actually do and participate in firsthand.

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