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July 4th Declaration of Relaxation - 5 Reasons to visit our spa!

Celebrate this July 4th with your very own Declaration of Relaxation! We

offer a variety of services at Salt Foot Sanctuary. Want to do something

as a group? Try our therapeutic foot soaks where we can

accommodate up to four clients at once. Or do want to enjoy something

as a couple or just for yourself? We also offer a variety of massages,

facials, and body scrubs!

July 4th is a time to celebrate our country, but also for traveling and

relaxing with family. It is also a wonderful time to rejuvenate your body!

Prepare yourself for the ultimate July 4th weekend with a spa treatment

at Salt Foot Sanctuary.

5 Reasons to spend your 4th July pre-weekend with us:

1. Destress - Relieve daily stress with a relaxing treatment.

2. Disconnect - Get some much needed “me time” before the holiday

officially arrives.

3. Relieve aches and pains - A spa service will relax your body and

mind, and put you in the mood to celebrate.

4. Time together - A couples massage provides bonding time.

5. Improve skin tone - Look your best with one of our wonderful facials!

Enjoy a deep cleanse and exfoliation that will leave you looking your


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