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5 ways to prepare for your spa day at Salt Foot Sanctuary.

Nothing is quite as exciting as knowing your spa day is fast

approaching. At Salt Foot Sanctuary our talented therapists are eager to

help you fully relax and enjoy every moment of your service. With some

helpful preparation and tips, you can have the best service possible.

1. Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment - Give yourself enough

time to find parking and to navigate where you will meet your therapist.

Arriving early will also give you a moment to sit and relax before your


2. Fill out your intake forms beforehand - Before your appointment make

sure to check your email for your intake forms that will ask you

questions regarding your overall health and desired outcomes. This

helps the therapist mindfully prepare for your service and helps you

reach your tranquil goals.

3. Keep distractions to a minimum - There is nothing worse than being

fully relaxed and having your phone ring during your service. Make

sure to either turn your phone off or silence it.

4. Wear comfortable clothing - Make sure you wear comfortable clothing

and minimal jewelry, if any, to your service. This will allow you to

undress quickly and get your on “you time” started.

5. Avoid eating a heavy meal before - Being too full during your

treatment may cause you to feel uncomfortable and lethargic. Try to

hydrate beforehand and eat something light!

These 5 tips will help you get the most out of your experience with us!

Have any questions or concerns? Ready to book your next

appointment? Call us at (540) 853-8275 or visit us

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