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5 Rejuvenating Benefits of CBD Massage Oil

The use of CBD (Cannabidol) oil in massage therapy has increased in popularity

recently and its use has proven to be very beneficial. At Salt Foot Sanctuary we offer

CBD oil as an optional add-on to enhance your massage experience.

CBD is derived directly from the hemp plant or manufactured in a laboratory. It does not

cause a “high" and will not cause a positive test for THC. It does, however, provide a

relaxing effect that is perfect in combination with a massage. The benefits you

will experience range from reducing muscle tension to alleviating the effects of anxiety

and stress.

5 Rejuvenating Benefits of CBD Massage Oil

1. Reduces inflammation by amplifying the benefits of the massage.

2. Aids in the relief of stress and anxiety through aromatherapy.

3. Increases skin moisture by leaving skin feeling supple and soft.

4. Is a potent pain reliever by desensitizing pain nerve receptors in combination with


5. Is a powerful antioxidant.

Adding CBD has an enhancement is a great way to maximize the benefits of your

massage session! Interested in booking a massage or learning more? Contact us at, or at (540) 853-8275.

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