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5 reasons we love OSEA skincare

If you love coming to Salt Foot Sanctuary for a facial, body scrub , or

other treatment, chances are you have experienced OSEA skincare

products. A seaweed-infused skin care brand, OSEA is known for its

commitment to clean skincare that prioritizes naturally-derived

ingredients such as seaweed, because it's a superfood rich in vitamins,

minerals and nutrients.

Want to know more? Come by Salt Foot Sanctuary and one of our

qualified skin therapists can help you find the perfect products for your

skin and needs.

5 reasons we love OSEA Skincare:

1. OSEA products are all certified cruelty free and vegan.

2. OSEA seaweeds are combined with the most renowned skincare

actives such as Ceramides, Vitamin C, Peptides and more.

3. OSEA is one of the first Climate Certified Brands.

4. OSEA skincare products are all manufactured in California.

5. OSEA prioritizes naturally-derived ingredients, chosen for their safety

and efficacy.

Are you ready to try OSEA? Book your appointment with us and

experience OSEA products firsthand.

Book now at (540) 853-8275

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