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5 reasons to try our Therapeutic Foot Soaks

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Ready to unwind and destress? Salt Foot Sanctuary offers a luxurious service that was

designed to pamper and moisturize. It features handcrafted and wonderfully aromatic

mineral foot soaks that will leave your feet and legs saying “Ahh”.

Here is what you can expect during this service. Our skilled staff will mindfully prepare

your soak in a locally made hand-hammered copper bowl containing ancient natural

minerals and clays, wonderfully aromatic essential oils, and other nourishing

ingredients, including a bit of salt from right here in our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

If that is not enough, you will also receive a lower leg and foot massage!

Following are just 5 reasons you should indulge yourself with a foot soak:

1. Soaks are therapeutic and wonderfully relaxing.

2. Toxins are drawn from your body.

3. The massage will relax tight muscles.

4. Skin will be left softer and more supple.

5. A wonderful experience alone or with friends.

Ready to experience the ultimate pampering? Book your foot soak online at or by calling (540) 853-8275.

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