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Public Classes

Saturdays & Sundays 
Classes available for hotel guests and area residents.

Featuring renowned instructor Jeanmarie Paolillo.


Yoga at the Hotel Roanoke


Hi Hotel Roanoke Community!


My name is Jeanmarie Paolillo, and I am thrilled to bring the practice of yoga to The Hotel Roanoke for both guests and residents. I have been teaching yoga for over 18 years now. The vast majority of that time, I was a senior teacher and teacher trainer at YogaWorks in New York City (meaning, I taught people how to teach yoga). I led over 35 teacher trainings internationally, throughout the country, and in NYC and mentored aspiring teachers in the professional program. 


I now live in Roanoke, and I’m so excited to offer yoga to the Roanoke community and The Hotel Roanoke specifically.


The style of yoga that I teach is movement/flow with alignment. There is a lot of not-great yoga out there today, mainly because teachers lead practitioners through poses without teaching them how to do the poses safely. That’s where I come in. In our classes and private session, you will learn how to master poses (and sequences of poses) safely. Modifications will be offered throughout, so you are always working at the level that serves you best. And we will work with the breath and mind throughout. You will come away from each practice feeling open, confident, connected, and relaxed.




The fundamental purpose of this work for Jeanmarie is learning to live both creatively and with presence. She lives in the passionate belief that all things in life are possible and that manifestation requires an understanding that everything is the culmination of our thoughts. The journey of presence leads the practitioner to a place of awareness regarding the life they are creating so they can consciously create their lives - as evidenced by her own leap from the corporate world after 20 years and her relocation to Southwest Virginia. She is known for her compassion, practicality, clarity, insight, and sense of humor. Through this combination, Jeanmarie facilitates others on their path while receiving lessons from those she works with.


Jeanmarie has been featured in Natural Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Yoga Journal and has appeared on and the CBS Morning Show. She is part of the Expert Network for the, a featured contributor to The Daily Love, and an Architect for Change on She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Indiana University, is recognized as ERYT500, has received a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, and is a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

About Jeanmarie

Jeanmarie Paolillo is a yoga teacher, certified professional coach, former senior yoga teacher trainer, and author of Vibe-a-Thon, Creating Your Life from the Inside Out. She leads trainings and workshops internationally on the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga, the energetic body, how the mind works, and meditation and mindfulness.

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Community Classes

 Yoga/Meditation Sessions

Open to hotel guests and area residents. We recommend reserving your space. Walk-ups are welcome, but only if space is available,

$20.00 per class - Book below

Yoga Class Package - 6 Classes for $100.00


Meditation Class

This class is open to all. The class will begin with a short discussion on the practice of meditation, followed by 30-minutes of meditation. We finish with a short period for questions and observations. 

No prior experience necessary

Dates: Saturdays & Sundays; 8:00 am (45 minutes)

Location: Varies based on hotel schedule. Please check the Hotel's marquee boards. Registered attendees will be notified in advance via email of the class's location.

Equipment: No equipment needed. Chairs will be provided for attendees. 

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Beginner Yoga Class

This class will focus on simple movements linked together in short patterns to create flow. Emphasizes power alignment in postures. Open to all levels with emphasis on teaching to those new to the experience. 

Suggested experience level: Beginner + 

Dates: Saturdays & Sunday; 9:00 am (60 minutes)

Location: Garden Courtyard (outside). This location may change, in case of inclement weather or scheduled event. Registered attendees will be notified of change in advance. Check the hotel’s marquee board for updates. 

Mat & Equipment: Please plan to provide your own. 

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Aligned Movement/Flow Class

This class will focus on mastering poses and sequences of poses safely. We will layer more challenging poses and variations to develop strength and flexibility. This class is suggested for those familiar with yoga. 

Suggested experience level: Intermediate +

Dates: Saturdays & Sundays; 10:30 am (60 minutes)

Location: Garden Courtyard (outside). Weather permitting. Location may be changed. Check the Hotel's marquee boards. And registered attendees will be notified in advance. 

Mat & Equipment: Please plan to provide your own.

Interested in a Private Yoga Session?  

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Have a Conference or Meeting at the hotel?  

Interested in including yoga or meditation for the attendees?

Call (540) 309-1781

or email us

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