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Body Scrub

& Polish Treatment

Love your skin

This invigorating full-body scrub featuring organic algae and sea salts harvested worldwide will exfoliate, soften and brighten your skin. Followed by a blissful application of anti-aging body balm leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. 

Our skin-moisturizing OSEA Salt scrub formula will produce smooth, supple skin from head to toe. The mineral-rich blend of Dead Sea salt, Bolivian rose salt, and Himalayan salt delicately exfoliates, while ultra-rich wild Gigartina seaweed and shea butter will provide silky moisture. Combining avocado and babassu oils leaves skin looking youthful, revived, and radiant.


50-minute Body Scrub & Polish Treatment - $150.00

80-minute Body Scrub & Polish Treatment - $215.00

50-minute Couples Body Scrub & Polish Treatment - $300.00

80-minute Couples Body Scrub & Polish Treatment - $430.00


The 80-minute treatment includes 50 minutes of body scrub using OSEA's Salt of the Earth scrub, followed by a 30-minute therapeutic massage. We use OSEA's Anti-Aging Body Balm or Undaria Algae Body Oil. 

Couples' treatments are provided in the same treatment room. 

A $25.00 Room Charge per guest is added for a Couples' Service

requesting separate rooms (on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays).


To secure your appointment, we highly recommend booking in advance and providing a valid credit card.

This guarantees a confirmed reservation and a seamless experience.



Our Waterless Skincare Treatments

We do not use water in this treatment - all product is removed with moist towels.  Instead, we use a gel made from soaking dried wild organic Gigartina seaweed.  Gigartina seaweed is a nutrient-rich fluid that infuses the skin with vitamins and minerals to support the collagen replenishment cycle in our skin and impart a beautiful, hydrated glow. 

The Salt Foot Sanctuary is proud to be one of a few spas on

the East Coast using the organic nutrient-rich seaweed-based OSEA products.

Available Enhancements

The enhancements listed below are only provided

with the 80-Minute Treatment.

Enhancements + $15.00 each.

Hot Stones - Back

Hot stones are used by your therapist to deliver heat and depth to the massage, which further melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases blood flow and circulation.

​CBD Infused Oil

Enjoy the relaxing and pain-relief properties of CBD. We'll infuse the massage oil with at least 25mg of organic medicinal whole-plant

extract of hemp.

Vagus Nerve Oil Scalp Massage

Your body's vagus nerve extends from the brain to the stomach. Massaging the scalp with vagus nerve oil will help regulate stress, aid digestion, and improve sleep.


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